Early Records of The Quick Family - From Arthur C. Quicks research in the book: A Genealogy of The Quick Family in America

Early Records of The Quick Family - From Arthur C. Quicks' research in the book: A Genealogy of The Quick Family in America (Copied) pgs. XXI – XXIII with sources added by the author

I—Willem Quick lived in the second half of the 16th century at Naarden.

II—Gerrit Willemsz, Quick. He was in 1601 and 1602 a schepen of Naarden when he is mentioned as such in the schepen registers of Naarden (22 July 1601; fol. 234, and 20 Jan. 1602; fol. 255).

In both instances, he made the statement that he had no seal (no coat-of-arms), and requested one of the other Schepens to seal for him. He married Aethgen Boutendr, for, under date of Sept. 25, 1604 (fol. 69) the Schepen Registers of Naarden contain the following entry: Appeared Willem Lamberts and Peter Jansz, appointed by the City Council of Naarden as "sequester mijsters," curators, of the insolvent estate (desolate boule) of the late Anthonys and Claesgen Anthonisdr, who transferred to Aethgen Boutensdr, widow of the late Gerrit Willemsz Quick, a house and lot situated in the "Gasthuysstraet," between Jan Everts and Jan Gysberts Schuydt. Gerrit Willemsz Quick was the owner of property in the same street, for, on Jan. 5, 1600, he is mentioned (Schepen register, fol. 204 vo), as the' owner of an adjoining property in a deed. A deed had been registered on Dec. 26, 1605 (fol. 97) whereby Jan Hermans Gracht conveys a parcel of land to Aethgen Bouten. Aethgen Bouten's surname was in all probability Tholl, for on Jan. 25, 1600 (Schepen Register, fol. 189) d'eersame (the honorable) Boudt Jacobs Tholl and Gerrit Willems Quick buy a parcel of land together. Boudt (Boudewijn - Bowdoin) Jacobs Tholl was a Schepen of Naarden in 1598 and in 1599. He is mentioned as such in the Schepen registers of Naarden of these years. In 1599 he buys on Jan. 9, a house in the Gasthuysstraet at Naarden (fol.- 162). There was in 1626 a Jan Claessen Tholl Schepen of Naarden.

The son of Gerrit Willemsz Quick was:

III—Willem Gerritsz Quick. He married, Naarden, March 5, 1623, Adriaentgen Pietersdr, j.d. from Amersfoort. He was the owner of a house in the Gansoortstraat at Naarden on Jan. 29, 1627 (schepen register). Their two children were:

FHL Nederlands Hervormde > Naarden > Trouwen 1600-1637 Dopen 1613-1710, 1748-1797, slides 36,180,198, 203, 285, and 293

IV—a —Gerrit Willems Quick, mar. (marriage register 1637-1655 is missing), Jannetge Hendricksdr Children:

IV—b—Johannes Willems Quick, j.m. from Naarden, mar. Naarden, 4 Apr. 1675, Dirckje Cornelis, j.d. from Barnevelt. 77 Children:

FHL Nederlands Hervormde > Naarden > Trouwen 1655- 1795, slide 77

No trace of either an Anthony or a Thomas Quick has been found. Naarden was a fortress, and since the latter half of the 16th century, a regiment of Scotch soldiers was in garrison there. It belonged to the expeditionary force sent by Queen Elizabeth to help the United Provinces in their war with Spain.

It seems that Quick is also a Scotch name. It is decidedly not Dutch. Mr. John Quick was a minister in the Scotch-Presbyterian Church at Bridge's Street, Covert Garden, London. From there, he was called in 1681 to the Scotch church at Middelburg, Netherlands, to remain there only until April 27th of that year, when he returned to England. (Biog. Diet, van der Aa). In this connection, it is of interest to note that on Nov. 14, 1616, at Naarden, the marriage took place of Willem Willemss, jonges (el), i.e., Bachelor, from Scotland, with Geertgen Jacobus Vleckesteyn, j.d. from Naarden. This bride was undoubtedly a sister of the wife of Teunis Thomaszen (Quick). Jacques (Jacobus) Vleckesteyn is mentioned in the schepen registers on June 13, 1608 (fol. 269 vo.) May 1, 1612 (fol. 269) and May 18, 1612 (fol. 269 vo.) in connection with a declaration of indebtedness and two deeds. – Arthur Craig Quick


  1. Hi, I’m related to you through Daniel Anderson Vetelainen Tyskeberget- his 2nd child Marte Danielsdatter ( your side) and his 6 th child Anne Danielsdatter (my side). My mom Marie Strasburg was good friends with Vergene Hostrawswer.

    1. Small world. Vergene was my great aunt. I called her "Bergene" :)


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