Johanna Quick

Johanna born Nov 16th, 1761 Newton, Sussex, Co. New Jersey died May 5th, 1822 Mason Co. Kentucky.[1] Johanna married (1) Dirck (Richard) (Derrick) Aten (Auten) in Morris Co. New Jersey right after Jan 16th, 1788 “That whereas there is a mutual Contract of Marriage between Derick Autor of the one Party, and Hannah Quick of the other Party.”[2] Dirck was born about 1742 in Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey and died before Sept 11th, 1784. In the administration of Derrick’s estate (called Richard and Derrick) James Quick (Derrick’s brother-in-law) was the administrator and his father in law Peter Quick was compensated 4 pounds 6 shillings for funeral expenses.[3][4] Johanna married (2) William Driskill (Driscoll) born about 1760 in Worcester Co. Maryland and he died about 1794-5 in Mason Co, Kentucky. Their marriage was probably in Oxford Township, Sussex Co. NJ about 1786-7.[1]

Around 1790 Johanna and William moved to Mason Co. Kentucky. where most of William’s family had settled. After William's death, Johanna married (3) by 1796, Henry Consalus (Gunsalus) born Dec 8th, 1859 in Wurstburo, Ulster Co. New York the son of Indian Hunter and scout, Samuel Consalus and his wife Elizabeth Van Vliet. Henry’s brother, James Consalus had moved to Mason Co. Kentucky by 1800 [6] and was at one-time arrested as a spy by the British and sentenced to death and saved by his father Samuel.[6]

Both brothers served in the Revolutionary War [7][8] and James and his wife Margaret were recorded still living in Mason Co. Kentucky in June 1811.[9] In 1803 “Henry Gunsalus” along with Peter Ingles signed the marriage bond of his daughter in law Hetty Atten (Hetser Auten) to Peter Engels.[10] Henry is mentioned as the husband of Johanna as “Henry Consolar” in the division of Johanna’s father, Peter Quick’s estate in 1806. Around the same time, Henry Consalus left Johanna. In 1807 Johanna filed for divorce in the State of Kentucky and it was granted Jan 25th, 1808. “this act authorized her to sue, in Mason County, her husband Henry Gunsaulis, for a divorce; and to obtain it on a jury’s finding that he deserted her for several years, and was either married or living in open adultery with another woman”[12]

In the 1810 US Census, Joanna “Gunsules” is listed as the head of the household in Washington Township. Mason Co. Kentucky.[13] It seems Henry had migrated northwest to Cincinnati and died in 1839 and had a biography written in 1893. “Henry Gunsalus was born December 8, 1759, in Ulster County New York. Volunteered in 1776, and was at Trenton, New Jersey, December 26, 1776, and participated in the capture of nine hundred Hessians at Bound Brook June 26, 1777. In 1778 he was ordered against the Indians on the frontier, with whom he was in several conflicts. In 1781 he served in a body of rangers on the frontier to prevent depredations by the Indians and protect the scattered settlements. He came to Hamilton county at an early period and died in Cincinnati in 1839. He was no doubt buried in one of the devastated graveyards in the city. No trace of his descendants.”[14]

Johanna married (4) Harry Martin in Mason Co. Kentucky on October 16th, 1810.[15] “Harry and Johanna Martin lived in Maysville (Mayslick) in 1820; however, according to Goodspeed's History of Northeast Arksnsas, Johanna had lived in Washington, near Maysville, for her grandson Henry Auter Engels lived there with her for some years. On May 5th 1822, Johanna Martin died in Mason County, age 61 years, 5 months, and 19 days. She lies buried in some unknown cemetery in Mason County, probably near Washington.”[4]

Children with Derick Auten (Auter, Aten);

1. Abigail 

Born May 26th 1781 Oxford, Sussex Co. New Jersey married John Bird April 3rd, 1802 in Mason Co. Kentucky. On October 28th, 1809, John Bird made a conveyance to Johannah Gunsalus "all goods, household stuff, implements, and furniture in consideration of $35”.[16] The John Bird family is listed in the Mason County census for 1810 and 1820, but by 1827 or earlier they were in Harrison County, Kentucky.[17][18] On Sept. 6t,h 1835 Abigail Bird and some of her children arrived in Sangamon County, Illinois, and settled near Mechanicsburg.[19] Other Bird children joined them the next year. In Sangamon County, the Land Office Tract Book #695, Township 16, shows Robert Bird bought 40 acres in Section 36 on 10 May 1836. Robert Bird, relationship unknown, bought 40 acres in Section 17, Township 14, 18 October 1836, and on 3 February 1835, he had bought 40 acres in Section 21, Township 14.[20]

Abigail and John Bird had;

1. Morris born February 19th, 1803 in Kentucky married Sarah Brannock born about 1808 on March 29th, 1829 in Harrison Co. Kentucky.[21] The family moved to Sangamon, Illinois by 1834. They had; Mary born about 1828, John born about 1834, and George W. born about 1849.[22]

2. Richard born November 19th, 1804 in Mason Co. Kentucky died September 1st, 1882 in Princeton, Franklin Co. Kansas married Lucinda Neal Fullinwider born about 1809 on March 8th, 1832. Richard was a circuit riding Methodist preacher. Richard and Lucinda had; Henry F born about 1833, John W. born about 1834, Frances M born about 1836, Richard Cullam born about 1838, Nancy H born about 1840, Lucinda J. born about 1841, Harriet C. born about 1842, Jacob F born about 1846, and Thomas born about 1848.[23][24]

3. Joanna born November 20th, 1807 Mason Co. Kentucky died December 17th, 1888 Sangamon Co. Illinois, married (1) James Dixon born about 1807 on January 19th, 1827 [25] they had; William A. born about 1827, Sarah Ann born about 1829, Jesse Down born about 1831, Lucinda born about 1833, Katty born about 1838, Hester D. born about 1840, and Richard born about 1844. Joanna Married (2) John Eckels born about 1794 on Aug 18th, 1845 they had: Edgar born about 1845, Jane born about 1846, Josiah born about 1848, and Johanna born about 1850.[26]

4. Thomas born December 25th, 1809 Mason Co. Kentucky died Sept 11th, 1858 Mechanicsburg, Sangamon Co. Illinois. Thomas never married.

5. Sarah born about 1811 Mason Co. Kentucky died September 7th, 1833 Harrison Co. Kentucky married Jesse Folks (Fooks) born about 1811 on May 18th, 1830 They had; William born about 1831.[28] William is listed in the 1850 census in Sangamon Co. with his aunt and uncle Samuel and Hester Ann Powers.[29]

6. Abraham born August 30th, 1813 Mason Co. Kentucky, died February 19th, 1853 Sangamon Co. IL married Nancy Riddle born about 1817 on May 9th, 1839.[30] They had David R. born about 1841.

7. Henry born December 15th, 1815 Mason Co. Kentucky died August 20th, 1873 Portland, Oregon married Margaret Hussey born about 1821 on Sept 30th, 1841.[31] They had; Clarissa born about 1842, Mary born about 1842, Nathan H. born about 1846, Richard born about 1848, John born about 1851, Cornelia born about 1853, Stephen born about 1855, Benjamin Morris born about 1859, and William E. born about 1862. In 1845 the family took the Oregon trail to Yamhill Co., Oregon.[32][33]

8. Hester (Hettie) born July 9th, 1818 Mason Co. Kentucky. died March 16h, 1851 Mechanicsburg, Sangamon Co. Illinois married Samuel Powers born 1797 on February 25th, 1845 in Sangamon Co. Illinois [35] they had; Rhoda born about 1848.[29]

9. John S. born about 1820 Kentucky died Jul 22nd, 1833 Harrison Co. Kentucky. Died of Cholera.

10. Abigail born September 27th, 1824 Mason Co. Kentucky died April 30th, 1913 Illinois married Hugh Sutherland born 1816 on Oct 12th, 1843.[34] They had; Hester J born about 1844, Betsey J. born in 1846, John G. born about 1848, Ellen R. born about 1850, Abigail Ann born about 1851, Thomas born about 1855, Charles W. born 1858, Hugh A. born about 1858, and Charles born about 1861.[35][36]

2. Joanna 

Born July 27th, 1783 Oxford, Sussex Co. New Jersey.[1]

3. Hester

Born July 27th, 1783 Oxford, Sussex Co. New Jersey.[1]
Children with William Driskill;

1. William

Born February 10th, 1788. Possibly Oxford, Sussex Co. New Jersey.[1] William was apprenticed by his mother to Benjamin Bayles for six years to learn the "art and trade of a Hatter" on February 15th, 1803. [37] On June 7th, 1810 William Driskill and Mary Whipps were married by Rev. Ratcliffe, Methodist minister, with the marriage bond being signed by Samuel Whipps.[4] It is not known if William and Mary had children.

Children with Henry Consalus;

1. Samuel

Born August 14th, 1797 Mason Co, Kentucky.[1] died September 26th, 1826. [1] On the 24th of August 1813 “Samuel Gunsaulus” was apprenticed to John Mitchell in the trade of a Cabinet Maker and “taught to read and write and common arithmetic including the rule of three.”He was also given room and board, clothing and be paid three pounds ten shillings at the end of his term, along with one “decent” suit of clothes."[38]

2. James

Born Jan 13th, 1802 Mason Co. Kentucky.[1] On February 15th, 1815 “James Gonsauler” was apprenticed to Frederick Frank for six years as a tin and coppersmith. He was also taught to read and write, given room and board, clothing and be paid three pounds ten shillings at the end of his term, along with one “decent” suit of clothes.[39] It is not known if James was married and had children. In June 1816 “James Gonsaulice, infant orphan of Henry Gunsaulice, decease, be bound to Thea Ophilius Page, for the term of five years from the first day of February last, to be taught the trade and mystery of a Tinner and Copper Smith”[40]


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