The Children of Robert Quick

1. Philip Q. Born Jan 24th, 1806 died Dec 16th, 1890 [59] married Sarah Ayers June 24th, 1834.[60][61] The Methodist Church record states “Mr. Philip Q. Quick of Belvidere and Wife Sarah Ayers” & Philip was a farmer and is buried in Belvidere Cemetery with his wife Sarah. Philip and Sarah did not have any children. Philip Q. Quick was the son of Robert Quick “Philip Q. Quick was born Jan. (date unclear) at Sarepta and was a son of Robert Quick”[58] and he is named as the purchaser of his father’s estate on August 11th, 1871 after it was liquidated to pay off his deceased father’s debts with George Titman as administrator and in the Warren County Orphan’s court Philip is listed a son of Robert.[62] “The several claims and demands of John Anderson, Levi, Mackey & Abraham McMurtrio against the Estate of Robert Quick deceased having been excepted top by Philip Quick & others next of kin and creditors of said Estate and George Titman Administrator of said deceased”[63]

Philip Q. Quick aged 54 with his wife Sarah are shown living next to his father Robert and brother John K Quick in the 1860 Census [49] In the 1870 Census clearly shows Philip Q. Quick aged 64 and Sarah now owning his father’s entire estate worth 8,100[49] that reflects the deed and Surrogate Court records. Philip Q Quick, a widow willed what was left of his estate to Martha J. Trowbridge and William B Bunnell.[64] In Arthur C. Quick’s book, it has Phillip Q. Listed as “1321 PHILIP I.” (The I was confused with the Q often in the records at this time)[65]

The Obituary of Philip Q. Quick, March 9, 1900, p. 2 col. 3, Belvidere Apollo. "The death of Philip Q. Quick, one of the old and esteemed citizens of Oxford township, was sudden and unexpected. He was a man of robust health and continued to work and look after business until a few days before his death. On Wednesday evening of last week he complained of not feeling well as usual and thought that it was due to the fact that he had read all day and had taken no exercise. He then had an attack of bleeding of the nose, which seemed to weaken him. After this his appetite was not as a good as usual, though he continued to go to the dining room for his meals until Tuesday evening of this week, when he was not called, but his supper was take to his room. Complaining of some pain he was helped to his bed. It was noticed that his breathing was unnatural and was becoming more difficult. The doctor was sent for, but a few minutes after he arrived about 9 o'clock Tuesday night he died. Philip Q. Quick was born Jan. (date unclear) at Sarepta and was a son of Robert Quick, who died at Sarepta about twenty two years ago. He was born on the farm lately owned and occupied by the late Isaac Hay. His grandfather, Peter Quick was one of the early settlers of Oxford township. He lived at what is known as the Dry Pond between Bridgeville and Sarepta, where he owned and drove on tannery for years. The subject of this sketch was, we believe, a namesake of his uncle Philip Quick, a Revolutionary soldier, who served throughout the whole war for Independence, and who was the grandfather of our late County Clerk, T.P. Hopler. Mr. Quick was an industrious man and during the last summer hoed corn and worked in hay and harvest. He a constant member of the Methodist Church, and he enjoyed the respect and confidence of all who knew him. His quiet but exemplary life was an influence for good. the funeral service will take place on Saturday, beginning at 1:30 pm.[57] As stated before, Philip Q. Quick was the grandson of Philip Quick (Sen.) in the Rev war. And his Uncle was named Philip (Philip Quick, Jr.) who served in the war of 1812." Philip Q. Quick and Sarah Ayers had no known children. 

2. Nancy born June 6th 1808 died June 6th, 1882[66] married Benjamin Timms Aug 2nd 1827 [67] Hannah Quick and Benjamin Timms had; Hannah Timms born about 1832, Mary Ann Timms born about 1834, Philip Timms born about 1840, John Timms born about 1842, and Ellis A Timms born about 1845.[68]

3. Hannah born Apr 18th 1810 married Michael Bowers a farmer Nov 6th, 1830.[69] They had Robert Q. Bowers born about 1831 and John C. Bowers born about 1833. Hannah died before 1840 and Michael remarried Catherine Hornbaker. Robert and John are listed in Michaels Will. “my four sons Robert Q Bowers, John C Bowers, Servine C Bowers, and George B Bowers”.[70]

4. John K Quick born Nov 26th 1813 married Mary Ann Miller Aug 2nd, 1851[71] Listed living with Robert and his 3rd wife Rebecca in the 1850 Census [48] John and Mary had James Irving Quick born 1853, Robert Quick born 1854 and Elmira Quick born 1857. John’s occupation was listed as a drover (cattle driver).[49] John was also a constable for the Warren County Court. [72] John was involved in the aforesaid fraud put on his father. John fled town and left his wife Mary. John ended up in Portage Co., Wisconsin. John K. Quick signed a deed over his heirs James I. Quick, Robert Q. Quick, and Ella Quick land he purchased next to his father Robert Quick and it was notarized in Portage Co. Wisconsin.[73]

5. Mary born 1814

6. George B born Oct 26th, 1818 died May 12th, 1885 married Elizabeth Probasco Hulsizer June 8th 1843.[74] George is Listed as a Hotel Keeper and Drover in the 1850 Census.[75] George Quick and Elizabeth Probasco Hulsizer had Mary Hulsizer Quick born about 1844, Catherine (Saryanne) Quick born about 1846, George Warren Quick born about 1849, John Albert Quick born about 1851, Emma E. Quick born about 1853, Sarah M. Quick born about 1857, Philip Ayers born about 1865, Alason K born about 1868 and Elison born about 1869.[76][77] Mary Hulsizer Quick Married Hugh Banghart in 1878. Hugh A. Banghart and his wife Mary Hulsizer Quick moved to Horicon, Dodge Co. Wisconsin. Hugh was Grandson to George Banghart, Elder in the Amswell Conference Methodist Church who was Elizabeth Banghart Quick’s uncle (mother of Peter Lomassen Quick and step-mother of David B. Quick), Mary was the grand-daughter of Robert Quick, David and Peter’s Uncle.[78] Hugh and Mary are buried in Oakhill, Cemetery in Horicon where a lot of their Quick Kin also are laid to rest.[79]


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